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So that we can quickly and efficiently help you, please fill in our diagnosis form. You will then receive free, no obligation advice and our preliminary opinions within two working days.

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On the day of the operation you can return home

Iprenburg Spine Clinic comprises a small and dedicated team of hernia specialists. We work according to two principles: we provide a personal and hospitable approach which focuses on you, the patient, and we provide treatment using the advanced TESSYS technique. This allows you to return home on the day of treatment.

I have a Spinal Hernia

Fill in the form and receive rapid diagnosis and free treatment advice.

Complete the diagnosis form


A quick result in three steps:

Step 1


You fill out our diagnosis form, describing your symptoms in as much detail as possible. We then discuss your supplied details within our team, and then provide free, no obligation advice for your treatment.

Step 2


Based on the treatment advice, you can then request a consultation. This can be scheduled at short notice. If you then decide to proceed with endoscopic disc surgery, then we will discuss all the possible options with you.

Step 3

The treatment

On the day of the operation you arrive at the clinic. The preparation takes an hour, and the operation itself takes approx. One and a half hours to complete. Around 2 hours later, you may walk painlessly from the clinic!

Step by step procedure

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Complete the diagnosis form

We will discuss your problems within our team in order to determine the best method of treatment.

Within two working days you will receive a provisional diagnosis and our advice.

Iprenburg Spine Clinic does not take time for consultation and / or your operation; we help you quickly and efficiently.