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"Australia to Veenhuizen, Netherlands, it was worth the long trip!"

Rating: -35/10

After a long history of back problems I always managed to ease the pain by moving around as much as possible. But in September 2015 I was in extreme pain in my right leg, this pain increased so much that…

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"I can walk and play golf again"

Rating: 10/10

In early October 2012, I underwent an endoscopic hernia operation, but I still had severe pain in my lower left leg afterwards. I took antidepressant tablets for the pain, 25mg three times a day. Dr. Iprenburg said the healing process will…

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"Three years now without symptoms"

Rating: 10/10

On November 4 2013, I was operated on by M. Iprenburg. I still had some symptoms afterwards. I’m a PE teacher. I could go back to work and perform any sport again without problems, even football and squash! I recommend this operation…

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"My experience – MS patient"

Rating: 10/10

09-09-2015 On 4 June, I had surgery for a rather complicated condition. I suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) and over the past year I’d been feeling even worse than I normally do. I visit my neurologist every six months to keep…

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Rating: 10/10

“Mum, I have a pain in my left leg,” I said as an innocent 15-year-old boy. “You’re growing up, boy!” said my mother – and, naive as I was, I believed her. Two weeks went by and I still had…

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"Beyond my wildest dreams"

Rating: 10/10

On Thursday, June 4th, I had an operation performed by Dr. Iprenburg in Veenhuizen. Now, five days post-surgery, I have no problem walking and moving. After three years of pain, various annoying pain treatments, two previous operations, swallowing pills and…

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