Spinal hernia symptoms:Do you suffer pain in your back and legs?

“Hernia symptoms may vary, but the first sign is often lower back pain. This is then followed by a pain which develops in one or both legs.” Read more Get free treatment advise

All about spinal hernia symptoms

Because a herniated disc can come into contact with the nerves in your back, pain may also radiate down into one or both legs. This pain may also be accompanied by muscle cramps. In most cases, your lower back pain will disappear after a while. However, the pain in your legs is likely to remain, and may even increase in severity. Should your back pain disappear, it would be unwise to conclude your hernia has ‘gone away’. A surgical intervention may still be necessary.

A spinal hernia is often, but not always, accompanied by deafness and pain or discomfort in the buttocks, legs or toes. You may experience some years of back pain before you notice the symptoms in your legs. We can make a diagnosis after a detailed examination of your medical history together with an evaluation of your MRI scan. More about spinal hernia symptoms.

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In the Netherlands, an estimated 80,000 people a year develop a slipped disc in the lower back. A ruptured vertebral disc can allow soft core tissue to press on the adjacent spinal nerves. This can result in severe pain, or even paralysis. Read more about what a hernia actually is.


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