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For proper treatment, it is necessary that the treating physician captures a medical record. In addition, each provider is legally obliged. The file contains notes about your health status and data on the examinations and treatments. Also included in the file data necessary for your treatment. The doctor can explain these data, if necessary with your permission, for example, or to their GP or a medical specialist in another hospital request. In addition, persons whose professional cooperation is necessary in the implementation of the treatment agreement, access to this data. It is customary for the GP visit and / or treatment is informed. If you do not want, you will need to indicate your visit to the clinic itself this. You also have the possibility to indicate this in your diagnosis form. All these above mentioned persons have a duty of confidentiality towards others. Your specialist is careful with your data. Previously used rules laid down by law. For more information, please visit The privacy is arranged for example that you can view the data captured about yourself and that you are the errors that may occur therein, can be repaired. If you believe that your doctor does not properly handle your data, you can file a complaint about your doctor. For minor patients who are under 16 or those under guardianship are given the legal representatives (eg parents) do this. Children over 12 years also have an independent right of access, correction etc. How can be inspected in the rules. In healthcare are becoming new treatment techniques, medications and therapies discovered. This requires scientific research is needed and should be collected. It is of general importance that patient data can be used. These data are used in our web-based research protocol Join Tell. When your data is used for scientific research, all necessary measures are taken to ensure your privacy. For example, a researcher will not know which patient data is taken. However, when it is important that the researcher knows it will take some time to you or ask the legal representative of the patient’s consent. Again this is all governed by the privacy regulations.

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