Endoscopic Spinal Hernia Surgery by TESSYS:Relieve your pain promptly

“TESSYS is currently the fastest and best surgical technique to get rid of your pain, and is particularly indicated in patients whose hernias cannot be operated via traditional methods, for example those suffering from foraminal stenoses.” Read more Get free treatment advice

Spinal hernia surgery using TESSYS

TESSYS (PTED in the Netherlands) is also referred to by medical professionals as endoscopic discectomy for lateral lumbar herniations. This technique can be compared to keyhole surgery, since the spinal hernia is reached through a small incision (8 mm long) made on the side of the body.

TESSYS surgery is carried out at Iprenburg Spine Clinic under local anesthesia and is performed on an outpatient basis. The surgery takes approximately half an hour, and patients are ready to go home free of pain after being at the clinic for about two hours. Patients affected by foraminal stenoses can particularly benefit from this innovative method. Traditional hernia surgery cannot fully remove this type of spinal hernia, so patients continue to have problems post-surgery. TESSYS is the only real possibility to achieve full recovery in cases like these.

In addition, thanks to this technique patients can achieve full recovery up to 50 per cent faster, usually in a period ranging from three to six weeks. Recovery time is partly dependent on the patient’s age and on the length of time during which the nerve has been affected. Moreover, rehabilitation also goes significantly faster. Immediately after surgery you may alternate between lying, standing and walking, and two weeks later you may begin cycling and swimming. You can generally return to work and to a pain-free social life sooner than if you’d chosen traditional surgery. Read more

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The great advantage of TESSYS is that it takes place on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia. This means that unlike in the case of traditional surgery, your spine will remain intact. The surgical incision is only 8 mm long, causing minimal trauma to the soft tissues and reducing the risk of complications when compared to other surgical methods. Other methods may result in scar tissue and affect the overall stability of your back, but this risk is significantly reduced when using TESSYS techniques.

Foraminal stenoses account for more than 10% of all diagnosed hernias and can only be effectively removed using this method. This type of spinal hernias cannot be operated through an incision in the back, but only through the side, which is the main element involved in TESSYS.


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