Visiting colleagues

Hospitations Iprenburg Spine Clinic

  1. Dr. A. Tsakalis, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Greece op 28-02 and 2-03-2017
  2. Mr. A. van Kasteel and Mrs. M. Smid, Van Kasteel Fysiotherapy, Hoogezand and Golf Clinic North, Netherlands on 28-02-2017  
  3. Dr. Med. M. Akbar, Orthopaedic University Clinic Heidelberg Schlierbach, Germany on 6-12-2016 
  4. Paul Houle, MD, Neurosurgical Surgeon, Cape Cod Hospital,  Boston, USA on 19-11-2015
  5. Dr. Felix Dominguez, Centro Medico Siglo XXI, Mexico. Dr. Oscar Rojas, Hospital Angeles Pedregal, Mexico. Dr. Roland Lozano, Centro Medico Nacional 20 De Noviembre, Mexico. Dr. Cesar Alcantara, Medica Sur, Mexico. Dr Dallta, New York, USA. Jose Antonio Martinez, Sales. Rep of MAVA (distributor Mexico). Julio Pineda, Sales Rep of MAVA (distributor Mexico) on 07-07-2015
  6. Mr. Naffis Anjarwalla, Heatherwood Hospital, Wexham, Slough UK. Wexham Park Hospital, Ascot, Berkshire, UK on 19-05-2015
  7. Hervé Garee, Dr. Frédéric Eon M.D., France, Dr. Rémi PREBET M.D., France, Dr. Henry Parent,  M.D., Clinique Saint Leonard, Trelaze, France on 31-03-2105
  8. Dr. Rodrigo Gonzalez, Patologia y Cirugia Columna, Santiago, Chile op 10-02-2105
  9. Dr. Edwin Diepeveen, fellow orthopedie Amphia Ziekenhuis Breda op 27-01-2015
  10. Dr. Dosté Bouaka, Clinique Saint Laurent, Rennes, France, Dr. Mostofi, Clinique d’Archachon, La Teste de Buch, France op 27-11-2014
  11. Dr Gert Tollesson, neurosurgeon Brisbane Australia, Hospitatie in Iprenburg Herniakliniek op 10-07-2014
  12. Dr F. Werner, neurosurgeon Borromäus-Hospital Leer, Hospitatie in Iprenburg Herniakliniek op 3-07-2014
  13. Hospitation February 18 th. 2014 – Dr Rajesh Kumar Verma – MS(Ortho),FRSH(UK),FIAO(USA), Head Orthopaedics, Director Trauma & Spine Surgery Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon, New Delhi, India op 18-02-2014

Earlier Hospitations

  1. Hospitatie 02-12-2013 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – Hospitation 2 december 2013-12-04 – v.l.n.r. Mark Taffa Horten Medical, Australia, Angus Don, MD Ascot Hospital in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand Peter Robertson, MD Mercy Ascot Hospital, Epson, Auckland, New Zealand, Menno Iprenburg MD Veenhuizen
  2. Hospitatie Dr. Med. Uwe Kehler – Hospitation Prof. Dr. Med. Uwe Kehler, Asklepios Klinik Altona, Hamburg
  3. Hospitatie 10-09-2013 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – Hospitation Dr. Bruce Frankel (left), Ms. Phylis O’Neal and Dr. Sunil Patel from Neurosurgical Department Medical University, Charleston, South Carolina, USA visited our clinic for hospitation on September 10 th. and 12th. 2013.
  4. Hospitatie 21-03-2013 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – 21-03-2013 Prof. Dr. G. Van Wijk en Dr. L Oelofse uit Zuid Afrika hospiteren in Rugkliniek Iprenburg
  5. Hospitatie 25-08-2012 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – Dr. med. Geneva Aflissah, Neurochirurgische Praxis Bremerhaven in Spine Clinic Iprenburg. Mr. S. Gröschel, JoiMax, Karlsruhe, Germany
  6. Hospitatie 11-10-2012 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – Prof. Liao Xiang from Deputy Chief Surgeon, Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery and Pain Medicine Department, Shenzhen 6th Hospital China Dr. Ajay Kothari DNB (ortho),MNAMS(NewDelhi), Maharashtra, India
  7. Hospitatie 15-05-2012 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – V.l.n.r.Dr. Seung Joon Ahn, MD Dongjak Kyungghee General Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Mrs. Sonja Glück, Joimax Gmbh, Karlsruhe, Dl, Dr. Kyung-Hyun Shin, MD.,Ph.D. Shin Hospital,
  8. Hospitatie 8-05-2012 Rugkliniek Iprenburg – v.l.n.r. Mr. S. Gröschel, Alexander Godschalx, Dr. Ralt-Heiner Staffensky, neurosurgeon Military Hospital Hamburg Germany
  9. Hospitatie 24-04-2012 – Chinese collega’s in Rugkliniek Iprenburg. Dr. Zheng, Prof. Qian, Dr. Tang, Dr. Liu, Mr. Wang
  10. Hospitatie 14-02-2012 – Bezoekende collega’s in Veenhuizen uit Haifa op 14 februari 2012 om enkele PTED’s bij te wonen. Dr. Alexander Bruskin, Orthopaedic Surgeon en Dr. Vitaly Alexandrovsky, Neurosurgeon, Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
  11. Hospitatie 9-05-2011 – 9-05-2011 Hospitation Spine Clinic Iprenburg Dr. Sol Kamson, Dr. Brown, USA and Mr. Christiaan Kremer, Germany JoMax
  12. Dr.Mohammwed Al Jumaily – 23-08-2011 Hospitation Spine Clinic Iprenburg Dr.Mohammwed Al Jumaily, The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool UK
  13. Dr. Albert Sufianov (Russia), Dr. Albert Sufianov, uit Tyumen, West Siberië, uit een van de grootste neurochirurgische centra ter wereld bezocht Rugkliniek Iprenburg op 18 augustus en bekeek een aantal transforaminale endoscopische operaties.
  14. Hospitatie 12-05-2011 – Herr Christiaan Kremer, M.I., and Dr. Albert Telfeian, Neurosurgeon Texas, 
  15. Hospitatie 28-04-2011 – vlnr. A.Godschalx, Y. Hekkers, OA Dr. Thomas Hallbauer, Diakonie KH Kreuznacher Diakonie, Standort Kirn, M. Iprenburg, Dr. med. Daniel Hass, Diakonie KH Kreuznacher Diakonie, Standort Kirn, C.Baartse
  16. USA Colleagues 10/02/2011 – Back Row: Chris Alderucci, Director of Clinical Education for Joimax®, Inc., Dr. Daniel Laich, DO, Neurosurgeon from Chicago, IL, USA. Front Row: Dr. Choll Kim, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon from San Diego, CA, USA, Dr. Doug Won, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon from Dallas, TX, USA, Dr. Kam Raiszadeh, Orthopedic Surgeon From San Diego, CA, USA
  17. Dr. Benbow and Dr. Rimlawi – 10-03-2011 Hospitation Dr. Benbow and Dr. Rimlawi in Spine Clinic Iprenburg. V.l.n.r. Mrs. Tjitske Scheper, Dr Benlow, M. I. , Dr. Rimlawi
  18. Jan. 2011 – Collega’s uit de UK – Matthew Marsh, Alexander Godschalx, M.I. en John Fowler, consultant spinal surgeon
  19. Twee griekse collega’s 2010 – Twee Griekse collega’s Nikolaos Benardos & Konstantinos Adamopoulos..
  20. Twee collega’s uit de VS – Donnerstag, 26. August – Anreise Mittwoch 24. August – VS 1. Dr. Douglas Won, Minimally Invasive Spine Institute Dallas, Texas 2. Dr. Michael Rimlawi, Minimally Invasive Spine Institute Dallas, Texas
  21. Negen Chinese dokters aug ’10 – Negen Chinese dokters op bezoek in Veenhuizen om te hospiteren. 1. Prof. Dr. Zhen Yong Ke, The second affiliated Hospital ChongQing Medical University 2. Dr. Bolai Chen, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 3. Dr. Wanxin Zhen, Shenzhen People’s Hospital 4. Dr. Haiquan Fan, Chengdu 416 Hospital 5. Dr. Kainan Li, Chengdu Railroad Central Hospital 6. Mr. Wang Qing 7. Mr. Li Changqing 8. Ms Fei Jiang, Shanghai Maoyu Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. 9. Mr. Qinguang You, Shanghai Maoyu Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.
  22. Prof. Lucia Zamorano MD – Hospitation in Spine Clinic Iprenburg December 5th 2012 – Prof. Lucia Zamorano MD, PLC. Michigan Brain & Spine Surgery Center. Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery. Oakland, University William Beaumont School of Medicine
  23. Hospitatie november 2012 – Hospitation in Spine Clinic Iprenburg November 20th 2012 – Dr. med. Jan Becker, Grönemeyer Institut of Microtherapy Bochum, René Rothacker, joimax® GmbH


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