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Date Publication
10/05/2013 Endoscopic Spinal Surgery – Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Sang-Ho Lee, Menno Iprenburg – Cover – Nieuw Wetenschappelijk, internationaal uitgegeven boek met hoofdstuk geschreven door Menno Iprenburg.
10/05/2013 European Spine Journal – M. Iprenburg – Transforaminal Endoscopic Approach for Intra and Extraforaminal Disc Herniations
18/09/2012 Nature Reviews Neurology – J. N. Alastair Gibson, Susanne Merk and Menno Iprenburg – Respond to Article Richard Manion – Spine surgery—approach size does matter
17/09/2012 Nature Reviews Neurology – Richard Mannion –  Spine surgery—approach size does matter
17/07/2012 Nederlands Tijdschrift Orthopedie – Marieke Geerdes, Mark Havinga, Menno Iprenburg, Alexander Godschalx en Relinde Schepers-Bok – Percutane transforaminale endoscopische cysteresectie als behandeling van een lumbale discuscyste.
01/07/2012 The Surgeon – Transforaminal endoscopic spinal surgery: The future ‘gold standard’ for discectomy? A review
 31/01/2010 United International Press BUSINESS SUPPLEMENT DISTRIBUTED WITH THE NEW YORK POST – THE NETHERLANDS – Overview van belangrijke recente zaken in Nederland, waaronder informatie over het nieuwe Hospitaal (onderkomen van Rugkliniek Iprenburg) te Veenhuizen (pag. 6)
 16/09/2008 Mijn rug is nu beter dan vorig jaar – Renate Groenewold over haar herniaoperatie in de volkskrant
 14/01/2009 US Musculoskeletal Preview (Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgery in Lumbar Disc Herniation) – Journal (Verenigde Staten) voor Spinechirurgen (oplage van 15.000)
 23/08/2008 Mijn Rughernia – – Arts voor gezond Zorgconsumentengedrag.


date Author Subject
2010 Pearson SPORT trial laat betere resultaten zien bij chirurgische interventie in vergelijking met conservatieve zorg in de behandeling van discus herniatie.
2009 Weinstein Resultaten 4 jarig onderzoek – Significant betere resultaten patiënten met een hernia operatie, dan patiënten met een non-operatieve behandeling
2008 Pearson Recent onderzoek in de Verenigde Staten onder 1200 patienten: na 2 jaar significant betere resultaten met de endoscopische methode tov de klassieke hernia operatie
2008 Ruetten RCT over de endoscopische benadering versus microscopisch
2008 Hoogland Voordelen endoscopisch opereren bij recidief operaties
2007 Iprenburg Endoscopisch opereren – techniek en de resultaten van een naonderzoek bij 176 patiënten



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    After a long history of back problems I always managed to ease the pain by moving around as much as possible. But in September 2015 I was in extreme pain in my right leg, this pain increased so much that…

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  • "I can walk and play golf again"

    Rating: 10/10

    In early October 2012, I underwent an endoscopic hernia operation, but I still had severe pain in my lower left leg afterwards. I took antidepressant tablets for the pain, 25mg three times a day. Dr. Iprenburg said the healing process will…

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  • "Three years now without symptoms"

    Rating: 10/10

    On November 4 2013, I was operated on by M. Iprenburg. I still had some symptoms afterwards. I’m a PE teacher. I could go back to work and perform any sport again without problems, even football and squash! I recommend this operation…

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  • "My experience – MS patient"

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    09-09-2015 On 4 June, I had surgery for a rather complicated condition. I suffer from multiple sclerosis (MS) and over the past year I’d been feeling even worse than I normally do. I visit my neurologist every six months to keep…

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  • "Rebirth!"

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    “Mum, I have a pain in my left leg,” I said as an innocent 15-year-old boy. “You’re growing up, boy!” said my mother – and, naive as I was, I believed her. Two weeks went by and I still had…

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  • "Beyond my wildest dreams"

    Rating: 10/10

    On Thursday, June 4th, I had an operation performed by Dr. Iprenburg in Veenhuizen. Now, five days post-surgery, I have no problem walking and moving. After three years of pain, various annoying pain treatments, two previous operations, swallowing pills and…

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